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SCA LEGAL is a Spanish business law firm with an international outlook that grows in order to cater for the requirements of a growing and ever more demanding clientele.

Established in 2001, SCA LEGAL operates from offices in Madrid, São Paulo (Brazil) and Buenos Aires (Argentina), where it is known for delivering cost effective legal solutions, be it in complex transactions or in litigation matters.

From the outset, SCA LEGAL reputation has chiefly been that of a law firm that not only renders legal services to companies and individual entrepreneurs, including advice, negotiation, drafting of business documentation and litigation – in a word, the services usually demanded by the business community – but one that provides such services with immediate, permanent and customized attention.

SCA LEGAL offers what the market expects from a mid-size business law firm in terms of quality of the services rendered and, more than that, in terms of a positive value for money relationship for the client. This the firm achieves by means of a highly-trained professional team, flexibility to adapt to the clients’ needs, a reliable work method underpinned by a solid body of experience and a cost/benefit approach at the time of budgeting and billing.

One of the most striking features of the firm’s abogados (Spanish lawyers) and other legal professionals is their capacity to work on international transactions involving different sets of laws. For instance, they are equipped and accustomed to providing legal assistance in business and investment operations not only in Spain but also in other European and overseas jurisdictions, notably in Argentina and Brazil.

SCA LEGAL also advises Spanish and other European clients in their ventures in other jurisdictions, notably in Latin America. This is possible thanks to the firm’s and its partners’ international relationships and network of contacts built along the years. Moreover, SCA LEGAL and its partners are members of prestigious networks of firms and legal professionals, such as DIRO, the International Bar Association and the American Bar Association, something that significantly reinforces the firm’s ability to be an effective player in the international arena.

With these credentials, SCA LEGAL advises domestic and foreign clients on Spanish law and, with its Latin America desk, also on the laws of Argentina and Brazil, thus providing a legal bridge between Europe and Latin America.

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